What we do?

We are experts with 14 years experience on re-grouting, grout staining, grout cleaning, re-caulking, epoxy grout installation and grout sealing providing our services to Commercial and Residential customers all over the Bay Area.



Re-grouting is the removal of old, moldy grout and installing new grout to make tile and grout look like new.

Most grout can be re-grouted. A trained technician will be able to advise you on the best solution for old dirty grout.

At IT Tile and Grout Master. We re-grout showers, floors, backsplashes, counters in bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, entryways etc.


Deep Clean

Is your grout still in good condition? no missing grout or mold and the grout is just dirty looking? perhaps all your grout needs is a good deep clean.

Give us call or schedule a technician to take care of that dirty grout. 


Grout Staining

The staining process is used when there is sanded grout that is in good shape but the grout is discolored and dirty from everyday use.

We deep clean the grout, fix any missing grout, stain.

After the grout has been stained, the grout is also sealed making the grout easier to clean and maintain.

A technician can advise on what process is best suited for your tile.


Epoxy Grout

Do you have a tiled outside deck or patio where the grout is discolored or deteriorated?

Our company can help you restore it to a like-new state by removing the grout and using epoxy grout for a more durable resistant outside enviroment. 



Caulking around the tubs, sinks, the perimeter of the floor or toilets over time can get very moldy, if you have that then its time to replace your caulking.

We can get most color caulking to match your tile or grout.